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CRYSTAL ENTERPRISES launched its Engineering, Procurement, and infrastructure construction (EPC) services in response to the growing demand for outsourcing services in power, water, wastewater, mining, oil and gas, telecommunications, smart cities, power delivery, and renewable sector.


New Technologies and business models are pushing companies to radically change into a digitally advanced, automated, and customer-first world. Our engineering and consulting service facilities revolutionary products and engineered transformation across all industries.


A proper installation and commission will only ensure a high degree of practical operational reliability. CRYSTAL ENTERPRISES has extensive experience in equipment
installation and commissioning projects. 


Maintenance is an exclusive service offered by CRYSTAL ENTERPRISES. where we adopt preventive maintenance measures to decrease the risk of equipment failures and unscheduled repairs.

 Raise Boring & Raise Excavation

Ground drilling aims at the development of a new technology based on the technique for vertical shaft drilling in mixed-soft soil with a wide range of drilling diameters through a lining from composite materials whose properties are a significant advance in the world of materials.

Contract Mining Services

CRYSTAL ENTERPRISES has a long history as a safe and efficient contract We provide all major companies here in India with our contract mining services and we are a
dedicated, premium supplier of choice to the mining industry country vide. Our track record speaks volumes as does the expansive experience of all our people.

Conventional Contracting

CRYSTAL ENTERPRISES offers a flexible contracting model that is open and convenient. All our offerings in terms of contracting and pricing models are designed to suit our customer's requirements as we fully understand the varied preferences of our spectrum of customers.

Mining EPC

CRYSTAL ENTERPRISES EPC provides Engineering, Procurement, and instruction solutions to the Power, Minerals and metals, and Water Desalination industries in India and some select global markets