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We are all social beings, and we aim to impart social benefits to the community as our CSR activities are mainly charitable, philanthropic, and environmental voluntary
activities. CSR has become quite an important facet of our company's hierarchy and has become integrated into the mission and vision of our company. We participate in

both public and private sectors, for the ultimate development process that is complete, effective, and fruitful. We take social commitment seriously and have

given birth to trust namely Paranuchal Janhit Forum under which we carry out dedicated service for the upliftment of our nearby
communities. We allow a share of the profit purely to carry out these activities. Through this foundation, we take a keen interest and devote our funds and services purely to
helping the rural and other backward communities. Paranuchal Janhit Forum services have now become an integral part of the company's vision and we pledge to develop these communities socially, economically, and otherwise to make them on par with the rest.